The time is coming when the inhabitants of the megalopolis will be again looking for the saving coolness indoors. The best option is to buy a conditioner and to install it in your apartment before the hot days. As a rule the spoon always becomes dear to the dinner. But how to choose the conditioner in the apartment, the best and reliable, and what do we know about them in general?

Places of installation of a conditioner

The air conditioner makes the being in a room maximal comfort and it is a climatic equipment. It is most often installed in bedrooms and living rooms, that is where a person is most of the time. It should minimize the difference between the excess temperature of the environment and that which is acceptable to the person. Naturally, the more the temperature difference of temperatures it is necessary to compensate for the device, the more its capacity should be.

One should not install an air conditioner in the kitchen; it is senseless. After intensive work on temperature cooling it is enough only to switch on the stove and all the efforts will be wasted!

The limit of work of a very powerful conditioner is 16° С, but one should not aspire to cool a premise up to such temperature, though in hot weather the temptation is great. Our organisms can also be stressed, and it is very good if the temperature in the room with the climatic equipment will be 4-5 degrees lower.

What air conditioners for the apartment are

Modern stores of climatic equipment offer a great variety and the widest range of products. To choose the right air conditioner for you, you need to know the essence of their differences.

At the moment among the air conditioners are called split-systems, monoblocks and mobile units. Sometimes, there is one outside and a few inside. In this case the system is called multi split. More popular are air conditioners, consisting of two units, which are installed and work inside and outside the apartment.

The first conditioner was produced by the company General Electric and consisted of two blocks for a compelling reason – the cooling substance was ammonia. Later, Freon was used as a refrigerant, but the division into two units remained. This allowed it to significantly reduce the noise level from the running device. Nowadays, this is irrelevant, as modern air conditioners are almost silent.

Today’s manufacturers often offer “cool” split-systems with a humidifier; an air purifier for the apartment is also already in it. All the same, it is preferable to buy additional devices separately, and not in air conditioners. This way they will cope with their tasks much better and are more reliable in operation.

Let’s specify that the air conditioner does not take fresh air from the street, but only cools the air, which is in the room. In this connection it is necessary to ventilate a room, where a split-system is installed, periodically. And nevertheless it is possible to provide an inflow of fresh air into the room with the help of a climatic device, and to buy an air purifier, which is so necessary in the house, separately.

For this purpose it is necessary to install a multi split-system of a canal type, and to connect to it a ventilating installation, which will pump fresh air into the room. Duct air conditioner can be very helpful in rooms with a small area. With its help, it is possible to create a comfortable temperature even in small rooms. For this purpose, the inner block is installed in one of the rooms, and delivery of fresh air is made by a network of air ducts, which are hidden even behind the drywall partitions.

Optimal choice of air conditioner for the apartment

Split-systems are very much in demand, as they are very diverse. The internal block, which provides the air cooling, can be attached to the wall, ceiling, floor and even mounted in a column. When choosing a wall-mounted conditioner, which is often chosen as simply suitable for any apartment’s interior, you should take into account that people should not be closer than 2-3 meters to the device. The floor unit is enough for 1 meter.

You will hardly manage to save money while buying a multi split-system, because the outer block is calculated for several inner ones. Accordingly both the power and the cost will be higher, than the purchase of separate conditioners. The main advantage of such system is absence of bunching outside the apartment and possibility to connect such inner blocks of different configuration, proceeding from requirements of the concrete premise.

Those conditioners, which are mounted directly in the window, are considered to be an economical variant and the simplest in installation. They are cut directly in the window and are popular among the population. But they also have disadvantages – they reduce lightening of the room, they are not neighbors with blinds and curtains, and the working compressor is noisy.